Saturday Parties

Saturday Dance Party - General Information

Several times during the year we organize dance Marathons consisting of Balkan and international folk dances.
Beverages and refreshments are provided. Do not forget soft shoes and a belt!
A donation is encouraged and appreciated. Guests are welcome to bring cameras and send us photos to be uploaded on our website. Thanks!

Upcoming Saturday Dance Party 28-10-2017

Warm our body and soul.
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Photos and Videos from Saturday Dance Parties

Saturday Party 16-1-16
All videos were taken by Shalom Brown. Thanks!
    Tsestos, Greece
    Krakoviak, Poland
    Horehornosky Cardas, Solvania
    Opa Tsupa, Gypsy
    Koljovo Horo, Bulgaria
    Hambo, Sweden

Saturday Party 17-10-15
    Photos (Yair Mairaz)
    Video- Velichkovo- Macedonia (Zofia Shiber)
    Video- Haskovsko- Bulgaria
    Video- Ushest- Serbiań

On Saturday 14.2.2015 a special dance pary was held. Talented musicians of Tsatse band played for us their wonderfull Balkan music.
    Saturday 14-2-2015 (Thanks to Liora Driefus).
    Saturday 14-02-2015 Many photos of the band playing. (Thanks to Yair Mairaz)
On satuerday, 22.2.2014 a dance Marathon was held to the memory of Nachum Shachar, 12 years after he passed away. More than 120 dancers from all over Israel participated in this 5 hours cheerful event.
      22-2-14 (Shalom)     22-2-14 (Yair Meraz)     22-2-14 (Karin)
    Video clips: Thanks to Shalom Brawn!
      Cica Obernovo Kolo- Serbia     Hambo - Sweden     Black Nag - England
      Santa Rita - Mexico                 Kostari- Greece     Zweifacher- Germany
      Hasapiko Ton Dromo1 - Greece     Hasapiko Ton Dromo2 - Greece    
Saturday 30-11-2013 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 01-06-2013 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 01-06-2013 (Thanks to Rosalie Ber)
    A special corner was devoted to the memory of three of our dear friends
    who passed away this last year:
    Zafra Thatcher, Eliyahu Gamliel and Sarah Be'eri.
Saturday 19-01-2013 (Thanks to Avraham Yurman)
Saturday 21-01-2012 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 24-09-2011 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 23-10-2010 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 13-02-2010 (Thanks to Shalom Brown, Bentzi Raz, Reuven Adler)
    Guests of honour: the Macedonian ambassador and his wife,
    Mr. and Ms. Pajo and Mariana Avirovic
Saturday 24-10-2009
Saturday 23-05-2009