25th Anniversary

Special Celebration

On Saturday, 19.6.10, we held a special event celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Balkanitsa dance group activity. The event took place at the sports center of Beit Halochem in Haifa and consisted of a 7 hours dance marathon, with live music provided by Chubritza and a performance of the Beit Halochem "Dancing on Wheels" group. The air conditioned, spacious, wooden-floored hall was decorated with flags and balloons that enhanced an exhibition of art photographs displaying dancers from the Balkan region, the generous contribution of Liora Eiger Dreifuss. Over two hundred (200) dancers from all over Israel came to take part in this special occasion of our Balkanitsa organization, as well as family members and friends.

Many thanks to Edna Rimon of Radio Yasoo who documented the event by photographs and video clips.
Photos Video clips
We also wish to thank additional members who took photos.

A special contribution to our celebration was the performance of the Beit Halochen "Dancing on Wheels" group, who performed to the accompaniment of the Beit Halochem choir and received a standing ovation. The excitement was overwhelming and the performance was impressive and successful. The special combination of Balkan dances and the "Dancing on Wheels" group touched the hearts of the hundreds of dancers, spectators, family members and friends.
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Balkanitsa respects and greatly appreciates Beit Halochem and its director Mr. Shay Dobrin for the generous hospitality, and the staff of Beit Halochem for their efforts before and during the event.

Chubritza is an energetic music band from Arcata, California that plays and sings folk music from the various Balkan countries and peoples, as well as Roma (Gypsy) and Klezmer music.
Balkanitsa, Dunav and the Nua-Am Tel Aviv folklore dance groups helped to cover the expense of bringing Chubritza to Israel.
The group spent 11 days in Israel, hosted by Balkintsa members in Haifa for the first week and by Dunav members for the last 4 days. The members of the group were treated by Balkanitsa and Dunav members to a number of "guided" tours of various parts of Israel, enabling them to form an image of Israel, different from that portrayed on U.S television programs, and we hope that it will transform them into goodwill ambassadors for Israel.
Hosting and touring photos

Additional Events

In addition to performing at the dance marathon on June 19th, the Chubritza band gave an enthusiastically received performance of their music at the packed Megido hall at Ein Ha-Shofet on 21.6.10, followed by Balkan dancing on the stage (by members of the audience) to their live music accompaniment.
Details about the show and the band
Our weekly Tuesday night dancing on June 22nd was also accompanied by Chubritza playing live music, as was the Dunav Thursday night dancing in Jerusalem on June 24th.