Saturday Parties

Saturday Dance Party - General Information

Several times during the year we organize dance Marathons consisting of Balkan and international folk dances.
Beverages and refreshments are provided. Do not forget soft shoes and a belt!
A donation is encouraged and appreciated. Guests are welcome to bring cameras and send us photos to be uploaded on our website. Thanks!

Photos and Videos from Saturday Dance Parties

Saturday Party 18-01-2018
Another successful party as shown in the video, Karjdunvsko Hore filmed by Nourit Grinfled. Thanks a lot to Nourit!

And as usual- for all ages...
    Avinoam Nir(76) and his granddaughter Doron (9)
    Zvi Zitron (92) and his great granddaugher Yarden(10)
    Moshe Idan (60) and his mom (84)

Saturday Party 28-10-17
    In this special party Balkanitsa Beat band, our brand new Balkanitsa home band, performed:
    Avinoanm Nir- Clarinet, Moshe Idan- Violin, Amos Nevo- Accordion
    Zeev, a guest, played the percussion.
    Thanks to Yoav Sidi for the lovely clips.
    Thanks also to Orit Ben Artzi for the beautiful band logo on the band shirts' and the clips.
    Hora Mare Vranceneasca, Romania
    Ludo Mlado, Bulgaria
    Adios, Greece-Macedonia

Saturday Party 16-1-16
All videos were taken by Shalom Brown. Thanks!
    Tsestos, Greece
    Krakoviak, Poland
    Horehornosky Cardas, Solvania
    Opa Tsupa, Gypsy
    Koljovo Horo, Bulgaria
    Hambo, Sweden

Saturday Party 17-10-15
    Photos (Yair Mairaz)
    Video- Velichkovo- Macedonia (Zofia Shiber)
    Video- Haskovsko- Bulgaria
    Video- Ushest- Serbiań

On Saturday 14.2.2015 a special dance pary was held. Talented musicians of Tsatse band played for us their wonderfull Balkan music.
    Saturday 14-2-2015 (Thanks to Liora Driefus).
    Saturday 14-02-2015 Many photos of the band playing. (Thanks to Yair Mairaz)
On satuerday, 22.2.2014 a dance Marathon was held to the memory of Nachum Shachar, 12 years after he passed away. More than 120 dancers from all over Israel participated in this 5 hours cheerful event.
      22-2-14 (Shalom)     22-2-14 (Yair Meraz)     22-2-14 (Karin)
    Video clips: Thanks to Shalom Brawn!
      Cica Obernovo Kolo- Serbia     Hambo - Sweden     Black Nag - England
      Santa Rita - Mexico                 Kostari- Greece     Zweifacher- Germany
      Hasapiko Ton Dromo1 - Greece     Hasapiko Ton Dromo2 - Greece    
Saturday 30-11-2013 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 01-06-2013 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 01-06-2013 (Thanks to Rosalie Ber)
    A special corner was devoted to the memory of three of our dear friends
    who passed away this last year:
    Zafra Thatcher, Eliyahu Gamliel and Sarah Be'eri.
Saturday 19-01-2013 (Thanks to Avraham Yurman)
Saturday 21-01-2012 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 24-09-2011 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 23-10-2010 (Thanks to Shalom Brown)
Saturday 13-02-2010 (Thanks to Shalom Brown, Bentzi Raz, Reuven Adler)
    Guests of honour: the Macedonian ambassador and his wife,
    Mr. and Ms. Pajo and Mariana Avirovic
Saturday 24-10-2009
Saturday 23-05-2009