Special show - 21.6.10, Chubrutza in Ein-Hashofet

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In front of about 700 spectators, the band gave a polished and professional performance of music and song. The lively vibrant music swept the excited audience to prolonged applause.


Chubritza was founded in 1993 in Arcata, California. Chubritza is the name of a Bulgarian table spice which is usually served as a mixture of savory, salt and paprika. The name reflects the band's variety and mixture of international musical tastes and textures, while retaining a Balkan and Eastern European emphasis.

Chubritza performs traditional dance music and songs from both urban and village traditions from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, U.S.A. and the Jewish/Klezmer and Romany peoples. These songs reflect many universal themes: the passion of being in love, the sorrow of lost love, and the happiness music and dance brings to the heart.

The band members trained several times in Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Bugaria, where they also purchased their authentic musical instrumens. Each of them plays on seven or eight modern and traditional musical instruments. In addition to the accordion, clarinet, saxophone, flute, cornet, violin, bass and guitar, some of the instruments which may be less familiar to audiences include: Frula- a Balkan fipple flute,Gajda- a Balkan goatskin bagpipe, Chaval- a Bulgarian end-blown flute, Tamburitza- a family of stringed instruments from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia including the prim, brac, bugarija, cello, and berde, Tambura- a long-necked stringed instrument from Bulgaria and Macedonia Dumbek- an hourglass shaped hand drum and Tupan - a two-headed Balkan drum played with a heavy beater and a light stick.

Chubritza is based in the Arcata area, Humboldt County, Northern California. It performed in many ethnic folklore events and happenings. Its music is original and authentic and its repertoire is diverse and very attractive for festivals and folkdance events. The band has been chosen as the "home band" of Stockton Folk Dance Camp, Kolo Festival in San Franscsco, Camellia festival in Sacramento, and Veselo Festiva in Orgeon. In 1999 Chubritza performed in a special support concert in Kosovo during its hard times.

Chubritza came to Israel for the first time on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Balkanitsa. The band was the "home band" in the main anniversary happening that took place on Satuerday, 19.6.2010 in Haifa. They also performed two days later, Monday 21.6.2010 in a special concert in Ein-Hashofet hall. The repertoire included music and melodies from the Balkan counties as well as Roma and Kleizmer music.