Workshops with Guests from Abroad

Over the years we have invited several guests from abroad to teach dances in our workshops.
This was usually a combined effort with Dunav and in some cases also with the Noa-Am organization.

Workshop with Gergana Panova Tekath, Bulgaria, 13.1.2018

Banski Stracheta band will play live music for dance sessions.
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Oppsss... Canceled last minute by the teacher

Workshop with Kyriakos Moisidis, Greece, 12.11.2016

Besides Kyriakos, a great dancer and teahcer, we host an excelent band of 3 players and a singer:

Panagiotis Zikidis (Panos) - Accordion
Dionysios Leivathinos (Nionio) - Clarinet
Efstathios Paraskevopoulos (Stathis) - Drums
Aikaterini Douka (Katerini) - singer.

About 180 dancers from all over Israel participated in this cheerful event.
Thanks a lot to Yoav Sidi for most of the video clips and photos. Only small part of them is presented here:

Slide show - Photos of the workshop
Maes - One of the dances taught in the workshop
Kotsari - Balkanitsa dances with the band. Much energy! Wait to the end to watch Kyriakos super star...
Sarakina - One of the dances taught in the workshop
Pousteno - Balkanitsa dances with the band.
The band - Most of the dancers need some rest. But some always must dance...
The band - Another rest. Again...some people always must dance...

And this is only a small part of the wonderful 6 hours workshop and dances we had!

Workshop with Yves Moreau, Montreal, Canada, 23.6.2012

On Saturday 23.6.2012, a Saturday Dance Party, including balkan and international dances took place. During the session, Yves Moreau, taught Bulgarian dances. This is his second time he is invited to Israel. He taught in three dance sessions, two in Haifa and one in Jerusalem. All workshops were extermely successful due to Yves's rich knowledge, his methdological talent, his humor and personality.
Over 130 dancers from all over the country participated in these successful workshops.

Photos from Saturday workshop with Yves Moreau, 23.6.12
Photos from a trip to the Galilee with Yves Moreau, 24.6.12

On Tuesday 26.6.2012, we host Yves in our weekly dance session, and on Thursday 28.6.2012, Dunav host him their regular Thursday session in Jerusalem.

List of previous workshops and guests including pictures